What is Rebound? Understanding Bounce Back

As we talked about on our What Is Gunite page, gunite is pneumatically applied concrete, and in the swimming pool business, gunite refers to a dry mix in which water is added in the nozzle (or gun).

When you apply concrete under pressure with a spray nozzle, some of the concrete bounces off the intended surface and lands where it should not. This concrete that bounces off or overspray is called “rebound”.

The harder the surface that gunite is being applied to, the more rebound there is. That means that during any project, there will be more rebound in the beginning when the gunite is first being applied, and the amount of rebound decreases once there is a layer of gunite to spray onto. Once there is an initial layer of gunite, the surface is much softer, so there is less “bounce back”.

That said, rebound can be minimized with two things: skilled persons handling the nozzle, and gunite equipment that is in good repair.

Union Gunite is very experienced at handling the application of gunite, so we will minimize any rebound. We also keep our equipment in excellent condition so as to avoid this problem as much as possible.

In any case, rebound is always addressed and cleaned up as needed, so it is not a cause for concern. Some small amount of rebound is always present when concrete is applied pneumatically. What is important is that it is minimized, controlled, and then cleaned up.

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