Union Gunite Commercial & Residential Services in Houston

Union Gunite is the leading purveyor of gunite in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We supply and install gunite for residential and commercial projects including swimming pools, outdoor living areas, and hardscapes. One of the great advantages of gunite is that it can be sculpted into all kinds of unique shapes to fit your design. Our two main services areas are:

Gunite For Pools

Gunite pools are built on site and offer limitless customization for their shape and configuration. Gunite swimming pools are made from reinforced concrete, and they are much more durable than other types of pools. 

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Gunite For Retaining Walls

Gunite is very commonly for retaining walls that are a part of any landscape. Gunite is durable and lends itself to unusual or creative shapes and also to very large applications. Gunite can be used to create artificial rocks, platforms, bars, tables, and anything just about anything else.

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We have a team of conscientious professionals who work carefully and efficiently to give you a neat, precise, and polished look to your gunite projects. Call us at (346) 341-7373 or contact us online for a free consultation..