Gunite for Retaining Walls - Overview & Benefits

While gunite is probably best known for its use in swimming pools, gunite has many other applications. After swimming pools, gunite is very commonly used in the hardscape that it part of any landscape.

Gunite works great in retaining walls, for many of the same reasons that it is used in swimming pools: It’s durable and lends itself to unusual or creative shapes and also to very large applications.

When traditional concrete is poured into forms, there is always the risk for voids which affect the strength of the concrete. When concrete is applied pneumatically, under pressure and through a hose, the risk of voids is minimized, and the finished product is much stronger.

There is considerable skill required to supply and install gunite correctly. However, if you use professionals like those with Union Gunite, your gunite creations like retaining walls will be durable, installed quickly, and they can be any shape or size you want.

Don’t forget that gunite can be used for more than just retaining walls. Gunite can be used to create artificial rocks, platforms, bars, tables, and anything else hard outside that can be constructed out of concrete. Gunite is a versatile building material that has unlimited potential.

Union Gunite supplies and installs gunite all over the Houston, Texas area with their experienced team of professionals. Contact us at any time for your gunite needs.