Gunite For Swimming Pools - Overview & Benefits

The are several different types of swimming pools, but gunite (or concrete) pools are the most common and have many advantages.

Gunite pools are built on site and there is no limit on how they can be shaped and configured. Other types of swimming pools like fiberglass or vinyl have limits to the shapes they can have. Since gunite pools are built on site, it’s also possible to create and integrate interesting components like seats for bar or a hot tub that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other types of pools.

Because gunite swimming pools are made from reinforced concrete, they are much more durable than other types of pools. They last for ages and look good with a minimum of regular maintenance. In contrast, vinyl pools require new vinyl liners every seven to eight years.

Another advantage of gunite pools are size. The biggest pools are always gunite. That is because when you are using pneumatically applied concrete, there are no limits on either size or shape. It’s much easier to go big and/or be creative with swimming pool size and shape.

Union Gunite has highly trained professionals working with the concrete for your pool, dryscape, or other application, whether it’s for a commercial or residential property. We will handle your gunite with the utmost care and attention.

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