Gunite Definition, Comparison & Rebound

Gunite is simply pneumatically applied concrete. That is concrete applied as a spray through a hose and a nozzle under pressure. To the layman, gunite has become a catch-all term for both gunite and shotcrete or both dry-mix and wet-mix concrete. However, in the swimming pool business, gunite specifically refers to dry-mix concrete in which water is added late, at the nozzle head.

What Is Gunite?

On this page, we explain what gunite is (pneumatically applied concrete) and what it is not. Gunite is commonly used to build swimming pools and hardscapes because it is durable and lends itself to creative and unusual shapes and sizes.

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What Is Rebound?

Rebound is simply the inevitable overspray that happens when you apply concrete under pressure through a hose and nozzle. On the linked page, we include more details about how rebound is approached, minimized, and handled by Union Gunite.

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Gunite vs. Shotcrete

Here, on the linked page we explain the differences between gunite and shotcrete. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they have specific meanings in the swimming pools business.

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Gunite is a versatile material with many applications. We have only recently begun to explore the many creative possibilities of pneumatically sprayed concrete.

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